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Defending Texans Since 1999

When you face criminal charges, it is natural to worry about the future. It is vital to remember that no matter what the prosecution says or how intimidating the case is against you, you have rights. You deserve legal representation you can trust to protect and uphold those rights.

At Dornburg Law, we are a team of attorneys who understand the criminal law system in Texas. We defend people accused of crimes across Victoria and the surrounding counties. We will aggressively defend you and your rights and are always ready to answer your questions. Learn more about us by reading our bios below.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

We have more than four decades of experience in defending clients against criminal allegations. Where we set ourselves apart is how we approach our cases:

  • Dedication to communication: When you call us, we respond quickly – always on the same day. We will stay in touch with you as long as your case is pending and answer your questions as you have them.
  • Experienced representation: Both of us have practiced for more than 20 years. In that time, we have seen every type of case and worked in most courtrooms in Victoria and surrounding counties. We develop sound legal strategies quickly to start your defense.
  • Aggressive defense: We are always assertive because we find it makes a significant difference in the outcomes of our clients. We challenge every piece of evidence and every witness statement. We force the prosecution to work hard to prove their cases against you.

No matter the charges ahead, we will fight for you and your freedom.

Talk To Your Lawyer ASAP

When you are under investigation, or even if the police just want to talk to you, it is vital to reach out to a proven law firm you can trust. Call our office at 361-570-4444 or send us an email using this online form.

You will be sent a text message from our firm within minutes of your initial phone call. That text will allow you to stay in close contact with us.