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What You Should Understand About Assault Charges

When you face an assault charge in Texas, you are under significant legal pressure. The state is aggressive in pursuing these charges, and you have so much at stake. You need to find an attorney you can trust.

At Dornburg Law, we are attorneys who have defended people accused of assault in Victoria and the surrounding area since 1999. We provide an aggressive defense that matches the aggression of the prosecution. We understand what you are facing and will be with you the whole way.

There Are Two Classifications Of Assault

In Texas, assault charges break down into two categories: simple assault and aggravated assault. A person is guilty of simple assault if they cause bodily injury, threaten to cause bodily injury or touch someone to provoke a reaction. Simple assault can include:

  • Pushing someone to start a fight
  • Punching someone
  • Throwing objects at someone
  • Knocking someone down
  • Threatening to attack someone

Essentially, anyone involved in a physical altercation may be charged with simple assault. The range of punishment can change depending on many factors involved in the case.

Aggravated assault, however, intensifies the possible penalties to a minimum of a second-degree felony. What “aggravates” an assault is the use of a deadly weapon in the assault or if the assault resulted in a serious bodily injury.

Let Us Be Your Voice

If you face charges of assault, the first thing you should do is contact an attorney. You have the right to remain silent, and it is vital to exercise that right. We will speak for you. We will protect your rights and help you regain control of your rights.

We aim to be the aggressive lawyers that you deserve. We do not back down; we take on the charges against you and force the prosecution to prove their case. Contact us by calling 361-570-4444 or sending us an email.