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Photo of attorneys Terri Lynn Dornburg and Brent Andrew Dornburg

Facing Drug Charges In Texas Is Serious

Whether you know it or not, the state of Texas is aggressive and persistent in pursuing drug crimes. If you are even questioned for anything to do with drug activity, it is in your best interest to seek out representation.

At Dornburg Law, we have been active, aggressive drug crime defense attorneys since 1999. We have defended clients from Victoria and the surrounding area in drug offenses. We are aggressive in your defense but always available to talk to you about your case.

The High Stakes Of Drug Charges

One thing you may understand about drug crimes in Texas is that they carry extremely stringent penalties. Additionally, you may face federal charges as well. However, facing a drug charge is not the same as being guilty of a drug charge. We have extensive experience with defending clients in:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession
  • Manufacture
  • Sale of controlled substances
  • Intent to distribute

Depending on the substance in question and the circumstances of the charge, you can face different penalties ranging from smaller fines for class C misdemeanors up to first-degree felonies.

Aggressive Defense Makes A Difference

However, for you to face the penalties for the crime, the state has to prove its case against you. That is far from a settled matter. We are highly aggressive lawyers, fighting every piece of evidence, every statement and every witness testimony against you. We are active and unrelenting in attacking the legal basis of the charges against you.

We Are Ready To Help

We understand the stress you’re under is unlike anything you have ever faced. That is why we are so zealous in our defense of you. Your rights matter and deserve the most legal protection you can get. Reach out to us today by calling 361-570-4444 or sending us an email.