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How could digital evidence strengthen your criminal defense?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Technology is rapidly changing how Texas prosecutors and criminal defense professionals handle cases. For example, prosecutors now often introduce digital logs or records as evidence that can implicate defendants.

What if you could turn the tables and present your own digital evidence? Contrary to common belief, this can be as valuable for defendants as for prosecutors. Below are three types of digital evidence that you and your legal team may be able to use on your behalf.

Cellphone data

Say the prosecutor claims they have evidence placing you at the scene when a crime occurred. A careful forensic examination of your cellphone could prove that you were elsewhere at the time. For example, it may show that you were in the general vicinity but still several blocks away.

Surveillance footage

What if the prosecutor has a video of you physically near a crime scene? Conducting a deep search for additional footage might show that you had left the area or were absent during the crime. Since many businesses and homes use video cameras, finding such evidence might be easier than you thought.

Social media posts

Those who stay active on Facebook or other social media sites are often surprised by how their online activities can benefit their defense. For example, status updates or direct messages could disprove the prosecution’s theory about your involvement in a criminal offense.

The takeaway

Never assume you have zero defense options when facing criminal charges, especially for violent offenses like assault. With a positive outlook and skilled legal guidance, you might have better odds of overcoming your circumstances than you originally believed.